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Why Laravel Is The Top Choice For Web Developers?

September 5th, 2022

Selecting the correct PHP framework is increasingly important to keep up with today’s competitive and ever-evolving business world. If not, it will entail negative results and prove hazardous for the business. You can try using Laravel alone or consult experienced web development services to do it for you.

As the years’ turn, web developers count on Laravel to design websites or web apps to provide an immersive experience to the users. But why is it so? Before we move forward to the ‘why’ Laravel, let’s shed light on ‘what’ Laravel is for a detailed understanding.

What is Laravel Framework?

Laravel is an open-source web app development framework with elegant syntax to develop customized web and software applications. The framework makes it easier for web artisans to develop faster by eradicating the pain points without compromising functionality.

Taylor Otwell created this expressive framework to help web developers handle complex PHP code easily. It works on the MVC model (Model-View-Controller) and has in-built syntax and libraries that let them create web applications swiftly. The Laravel framework is more pragmatic than its predecessors, and now, you must wonder ‘why’!

Why is Laravel so much popular amongst web developers?

Laravel has become the PHP framework of choice for web developers, and the credit goes to the 10 robust features that make it happen.

Top 10 Laravel features that make it a hit!

1. It is Open-Source

Laravel is an open-source framework that helps developers easily design complex and large websites. It only requires a PHP & text editor, and you get periodic updates, customized modules and improved capabilities per your business’s needs.

Additionally, there are many routing middleware and ready-to-use packages making codification simpler.

2. Security

One of the most prominent reasons why Laravel thrived is the advanced security features lacking in its predecessors. Laravel allows coders to configure rich security features to websites for enhanced security and prevent cyber-criminal activities.

For instance, it uses a Bcrypt hashing algorithm and never saves passwords. Moreover, it has a great user authentication process and easy to create restricted access features to keep the data safe and secure.

3. Fast & simple

Crediting to its wide range of built-in templates, Laravel is an easy-to-use framework, and developers can effortlessly create a website with 5/6 pages in a day or two. This saves time, reduces costs, and generates quicker results for the business.

4. MVC Architecture

One of the most significant benefits of Laravel is the MVC architecture that allows developers to code the applications in a structured manner. It ensures transparency between the logic and presentation and improves the overall performance.

The architecture divides any application into 3 segments: Model, View & Controller, which ensures website scalability.

5. Streamlined Testing Support

One of the key aspects of web development is to have great testing support. Laravel offers excellent testing support to ensure the code is bug-free. Moreover, it offers automated testing support, saving time in testing an app. This amazing Laravel feature lets you check each component of your app while ensuring 100% seamless functionality that finally results in high-performing web apps with optimized codes.

6. Automated task execution & scheduling

Web applications require a task handling and scheduling mechanism to automate the various tasks as & when required. For example, sending notifications to the app users, emails to the subscribers, or simply clean-up the database.

Previously, developers used to generate a Cron entry to schedule the tasks. But with Laravel, they can simplify this process by using its automated command scheduler. This attribute allows the coders to quickly define the command within the Laravel framework with a single Cron entry to execute the task timely, making the process highly efficient and high-performing.

7. Efficient traffic handling

As your business grows, the traffic volume to your website will increase. Thanks to its unique message queue system, the Laravel framework can easily and quickly handle numerous website requests than the other frameworks. It allows you to turn off certain website tasks, like sending emails, etc., for a certain period. When you control such time-consuming tasks, your website will serve faster and quickly serve the vast inflow of traffic while lowering your future hosting cost.

8. Third-party integration

If not all, almost every site needs an integrated third-party application like Paypal, Stripe, or any other. Whatever the integration, Laravel ensures to make it easy with its clean API for third-party integration. So, if your site needs a payment application or any other automated tool to handle the marketing, Laravel will assist in both!

9. Great for various applications

The Laravel framework can host various applications perfectly. For instance, eCommerce applications can run great on the Laravel framework as it offers faster customization, stability & flexibility. Laravel is also an ideal architecture for a component-based distributed system. It caters very well to the big web development plans of the industry biggies and ensures a robust framework that sustains their complex business agendas.

10. Economic

Laravel is an open-source architecture allowing anyone to use it in any project. Developers can use it for free while insulating themselves from the complex programming & coding tasks. It is easier to use, cost-effective and hosts a hassle-free coding environment for the developers.


Web artisans often face a dilemma when choosing the right framework for the website. The framework they choose must be easy, fast & simple. Laravel is an ideal option for various applications, which makes developing a complex website a breeze.

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