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Is AI Going To Change The Future Of SEO? – Expert’s Predict

September 20th, 2022

In recent years, there has been a lot of discussion about Artificial Intelligence and its impact on various industries. After smoothly making its way into eCommerce, healthcare, logistics, marketing, and BFSI, is AI changing the norms of Search Engine Optimization?

Today, AI is a leading technology that uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze data and generate suitable results. When Artificial Intelligence integrates with SEO, it enables marketers to collect real-time and precise data on the targeted ads, deal with the particular section of targeted markets, analyze the quality of current content, and much more.

So, it is most certain that AI technology will dictate SEO practices in the future. Now, the question is how? With Google algorithms changing periodically to offer the best user experience, SEO services are trying to catch up with the change.

Key ways in which AI will shape the future of SEO

Google processes over 40 000 searches/second. So, anyone who wants to succeed in the digital space must regularly optimize the content and website. Artificial Intelligence is no longer an option but a priority. It is a rapidly evolving technology connected to the search algorithm that aims to satisfy the user’s needs.

5 ways in which AI is affecting SEO

1. Quality & Relevant content will lead

If there’s anything that continues to dominate search engine optimization, it is Content. When Google crawls the web, it ranks content based on its relevance to the user’s query. Moreover, with Google rolling out content-focused algorithms now and then, you’d be required to create more relevant content based on the devices, platforms, and ongoing trends.

Today, users search with long sentences to find an exact answer. Google uses artificial algorithms like BERT & RankBrain to process the search results, which analyzes and provides the exact result to the user. If the AI systems do not find familiar words, they guess the phrases/words to filter the results accordingly.

Thus, as machines get better at determining which results match the query, marketers need to frame better content to give users what they really want to read.

2. Get Big Data for higher targeting

Data-driven marketing is currently leading the way because it drives results. Big sets of data help search engines identify the trend, and with the help of AI, the search engines can use the huge data sets to target users based on factors like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Hobbies & Interests
  • Geography
  • Profession
  • Education
  • Social Media Activity
  • Search & browsing history
  • Marital status
  • Day, Date & Time
  • Purchase History

The collective data can help search engines offer users better results and target them accurately.

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3. Visual content will become important

We already know how Google favours images and videos above any other format. But, this is soon going to play a big ranking factor. According to SEO experts, visual content will play an essential role in the future as Google is getting better at analyzing it. For example, when you type ‘how to knot a necktie?’, Google will show you a video tutorial. Hence, digital marketers may have to put greater effort into their videos and images and optimize them accordingly.

Just like content writers who have to optimize the headlines and keywords to earn the attention of Google, visual artists have to consider similar SEO ranking factors to create their visual content. For instance, factors like video length, Meta description, tags, keywords, and others will influence the SEO for videos.

4. Interpreting Search intent accurately

It is important to gain insight into the user’s past behavioural pattern to determine the reason behind any particular query. While Google has been focusing on it lately, it will gain more importance in the coming years as AI’s role increases.

You have to think beyond what the user is typing and understand the problem they are trying to resolve. When talking of intent, these are the 4 types of search queries:

Informational Query: This is when a user intends to find out detailed information about a certain thing. For instance, he/she may type ‘how to cook pasta?’ and the search engine will provide the information related to the query.

Navigational Query: It is when a user searches to find a specific website/ web page. For example, when they type ‘YouTube’, they might want to access the YouTube site instead of entering the URL.

Commercial Query: This includes seeking information regarding recent purchases/sales/services. It may also include finding information to buy at a later time.

Transactional Query: When a user searches to create an account, pay a bill or sign up for a newsletter, it is a transactional query.

5. Rise of Voice search

The rise of voice search in the past couple of years has been quite impressive because it understands complex queries better based on how the user utters the words. People now speak directly to devices (Siri & Google Assistant) and use voice search using Artificial Intelligence on their mobile phones to receive information on the internet.

You can expect voice search to become a ranking factor soon! However, this may come with additional challenges, like a user who traditionally used to write ‘best digital marketing in India’ may now use ‘which is the best digital marketing company in India for web designing services?’ during a voice search. There can be innumerable combinations.

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Simply put, Artificial Intelligence is rapidly transforming the digital landscape. You either walk with it and get ahead or fall behind; there’s no in-between. It has already touched various industries and will soon dominate Search Engine Optimization.

Success in the organic search results, exercised by AI SEO, will ultimately come down to providing the best user experience. So, taking advantage of AI-powered SEO algorithms is essential to rank your website higher in the SERPs and other platforms.

8 powerful seo tips

8 Powerful SEO Tips for Beginners to Excel In 2022

July 27th, 2022

Just built an amazing website? Great! This was the first step. Now, what about your SEO strategy?

Creating and implementing a successful SEO strategy may seem overwhelming. But not to worry, businesses of all sizes can see growth in the right direction with the right strategy and resources. However, it all starts with the right SEO guide.

Unfortunately, the web can sometimes get too messy when you search for an on-point answer. There are hundreds and thousands of articles telling you 100 things to do but not one jotting down ‘THE MOST’ important things for a beginner.

So, this article aims to highlight the key SEO strategies that can be incredibly powerful for a new company to achieve excellent results.

8 most effective SEO tips for beginners that actually work

1. Using Keywords Correctly

You probably already know the importance of keywords in SEO. But did you know that you should add the keywords on the right pages to make them rank? Here are some of the places where you can add keywords:

  • Title tag
  • Webpage URL
  • 1st paragraph of the content
  • Headline
  • Meta Descriptions

Pick the relevant keywords and place them in the right places to make your site stand out.

2. Quality Content

Quality content matters in SEO. Google prefers and prioritizes sites with fresh and high-quality content. This doesn’t mean you can just copy and paste from another site.

You must not just create new content in the form of blogs and articles but also update your website consistently. Try and establish high-quality backlinks from other sites, which further helps Google to believe that your site is genuine and authoritative.

3. Optimize Headlines & Titles

While many may argue that the title and headline are similar, only an SEO person can recognize the difference. The former includes specific keywords and is used to appease the search engine. While the latter attracts people who click through the website or page.

However, ensure that both the headline and the title describe what’s on the content page. Never write anything in your title or headline that has no reference to the webpage. This way, you can lose trust and SEO rank.

4. Optimize Images

Images are essential, and you should take them seriously too. Clean and bright images highlighting your business’s services and products can positively impact the viewers. Hence, you must optimize the images for Google to rank them.

Maintain a proper image size, resolution and format for the page and images to load quickly.

5. Page/Site Load Time

Imagine you’re a customer who has visited a website for their product or service. The site takes forever to open. Will you bother to revisit them? The answer is no. Similarly, mobile audiences wait 3 seconds or less if the page doesn’t load. Therefore, maintaining a quick page load time is crucial to retaining customers.

Seek help from the experts to analyze your site’s page loading and speed time. The professionals at Netqueue Technologies have advanced tools to improve your website’s page load time. As one of the best SEO services, they offer detailed information and remove any plug-ins for faster load times.

6. Focus on Link Building

Link building is an important page ranking factor in SEO. While it may seem like an easy bet, but is quite a confusing tactic. Link building helps to improve your site’s Domain Authority which Google greatly values.

Link building is a process in which you link high-quality sites to your website/page, or they link back to you. This signals to Google that you have an authoritative presence on the web.

If you find it challenging, ask the SEO experts at Netqueue Technologies to learn and understand your competitor’s backlink strategies to find better ways for your brand.

7. Social Media Strategy

The world is obsessed with social media. So, ignoring the various social media platforms is one of the biggest mistakes you could probably make. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, and others directly influence your website’s ranking and brand exposure.

One of the sure-shot ways to expand your reach is by creating appealing social media content. For example:

  • Infographics
  • Blog
  • Videos
  • Podcasts

Recognizing the right platform for your business is important to get the right traction. Finding where your target audience is heading for a better and more effective reach is essential.

8. SEO Analysis

Measuring success is equally important in your journey to SEO success. A common saying in SEO is that what you measure is what you have achieved. Therefore, no matter how small or big your achievement is, you must keep track of the metrics.

A few aspects that require your monitoring include:

  • Organic traffic
  • Keywords ranking
  • Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Bounce rate

As this part of the SEO calls for professional intervention for better analysis, contact the officials at Netqueue Technologies to look at the metrics.

Having over 10 years of experience in the industry, the professionals have a deep understanding of SEO. They are familiar with the in-and-out of the process to assure guaranteed results.

They will plan, execute and analyze the best SEO strategy to generate more website traffic while increasing your rank in the SERP.


Google changes the SEO ranking factors and algorithm at least 500 times a year. While most of them are minor, some changes are enough to affect your search results in remarkable ways. While it is most unlikely that you can see a dramatic result overnight, the SEO rules mentioned above will eventually and positively impact your website.

Contact the expert SEO team at Netqueue Technologies Pvt Ltd for a detailed understanding as the professionals sketch out the best SEO strategy for your business to rank higher on Google.