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7 most effective Web Development ideas to look up to in 2022

November 8th, 2021

Every year there is a sharp change in the web development trends, and 2021 is no different. The beginning of the year has paved a new direction for the web developers.

Be it big or small, businesses of all size need to employ new, progressive web applications to stay ahead in the game.

Many companies fail to keep up with the latest trends and have difficulty getting out of the pit. Whether your business aims at digital marketing, e-commerce or technology innovations, you must be aware of the top web development trends.

Below listed are all the essential web development trends that a business must follow to stand out in the competitive crowd.

7 most powerful web development ideas are:

1. PWAs (Progressive Web Application)

This is one of the most impactful trends to follow in web development. The application enhances the website browsing experience. In simpler words, PWA offers functionality to native apps.

For example, offline access, push notifications, hardware access, etc.

Most customers avail their daily news update from mobile devices. As per the latest report, over 80% of the users spend their time browsing through mobile to collect data.

But unfortunately, there is a wide gap between mobile browsers and mobile apps. PWAs can change the situation by troubleshooting the issues.

2 benefits of adopting PWA are:

  • Decrease in page load time
  • Increase in Conversions

2. VSO (Voice Search Optimization)

Let’s find out what the data says.

  • Over 30% of the searches in 2021 is without a screen
  • 21.4 million smart speakers will be available in the US alone by 2021
  • By 2022, the voice trade sales will increase by over $40 billion in the US and $5 billion in the UK alone

So, it’s only wise for all web developers to include Voice Search Optimization in their marketing plan.

Additionally, the voice data can have a Web Speech API as well. The API is of two parts:

  • Speech Recognition (used for voice framework and replying to the enquiries)
  • Speech Synthesis (a text-to-speech module that lets the scripts send content)

3. Responsive Websites

You are certainly missing out on many things for using an old unresponsive web design. Responsive websites are the need of the hour. Google prioritises websites that are mobile-friendly.

In simple words, the ranking of your website depends on how well you optimise your website for mobile users.

4. API- First Development

Each application must be seamlessly connected to offer a smooth browsing experience. The rising use of mobiles and other wearables makes it more vital. This gives rise to the API-development approach.

But what is wrong with the traditional approach?

One of the main problems is time consumption which in turn, increases the development expenses and the service market entry time.

5. PUSH notifications

Push notifications are essential to delivering different types of information to end-users. Businesses these days have become widely dependent on their customer service. The better the service, the better is the rank of the company in the SERP.

And, push notifications are a great way to interact with the audience and pitch them additional marketing ideas.

6. AI-Driven Chatbots

Several businesses around the world work in different time zones. You can meet the needs of the customers by using Chatbots.

Over the past few years, the web development trend has made a move towards automated mechanisms. Chatbots powered with AI is a worthy long-term investment by which companies can efficiently serve their customers 24*7.

For example, giving quick replies like: resolving a complaint or answering during emergencies, etc

7. Motion UI

Let your mind play with the endless animating design elements that the Motion UI library offers. If you are a developer, you already know the importance of creating an attractive and engaging product. The Motion UI library works with any JavaScrip framework and it is the perfect solution to many use cases.

Concluding Note

For every web developer, it is vital to ensure that the website structure remains updated and is easily navigatable. To make this happen, one must employ the above-mentioned web-development trends to enjoy the maximum benefits.

If you act quickly, you can embark on a new growth route in 2022. Contact the expert web development officials at Netqueue Technologies to choose the right strategy for your business.

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