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7 Reasons Why Start-Ups Need a Professional Website

November 8th, 2022

Start-ups are enterprises looking to secure their position in the competitive business world. So, the first thing they should do to announce their arrival is an advertisement. But how? In this digitally-driven world, if you take the chance to rely on traditional forms of advertising to spread the word, it will hardly get the attention of the audience. So, the best way to register your presence in your target audience’s mind is through a well-established website.

Believe it or not, a website has become the new-age address of all businesses where people look for your brand details. Therefore, if your primary point of contact is interesting and engaging, half the battle is won!

However, creating a versatile and engaging website takes time and effort. You will find it extremely difficult to stand out in your niche because of the ruthless competition. Here comes the second hurdle but with a solution. For a long time, start-ups have ignored the importance of professional website designing services due to numerous factors, the primary being cost.

It is time that start-ups seek the help of professional website designing services to amp up their brand face, the website. Understanding that it is no easy decision to make, we’ve listed the key reasons your start-up needs a professional website to grow successfully in today’s market.

7 Reasons Why Start-Ups Need Website Designing Services to Grow

1. Enables User-Friendliness

User-friendliness is more than just a pretty-looking website. You need a website that stands out functionally and makes it easy for visitors to browse through your website. A few things a user looks for in a website include faster page loading speed, responsive design, informative content, responsiveness etc. Therefore, building a website that is aesthetically pleasing and performs efficiently is important.

2. Helps in SEO

Imagine having a great website equipped with all the necessary functionalities, but it fails to reach your target customers. Will that be of any good? Your website must be visible to the right people, which will, in turn, help you catch up in the race. Therefore, you need a website that is entirely SEO compliant.

Professional website designing services have dedicated SEO experts who plan and include attributes that help your website rank high on SERP. Few ways in which they do this include:

  • Relevant Meta tags
  • Fast page loading speed
  • Internal linking
  • Quality content

3. Better Engagement

Gaining visitors is different from retaining them in the long run. Let’s say you have done the needful to attract visitors but haven’t done anything to retain them. Will that help? Engagement primarily depends on the visual aspect of your website, and visual means the graphic quality. Is your website’s graphic eye-catching or something that people can relate to? If not, you should engage the website designing services.

4. Ensures Security

Cybersecurity has become essential in establishing trust for your brand amongst users. If you’re an eCommerce website with a payment getaway system, it is imperative to ensure that it adheres to international cybersecurity regulations like GLBA, DSS, HIPPA, and others. As security is of foremost importance to any brand, start-ups must seek the help of the best website design company in India to ensure robust security. The experts will take and test the necessary measures to establish the complete security of your website.

5. Cost-Effective

Cost is a big deciding factor for all start-ups. As you try to make your place in the ever-competitive business world, your costs must be under control. Now, for those who thought hiring professional services would cost them a fortune, they can help you optimize the overall cost and focus on your core business. There are a hundred other things to do, and you cannot waste your time and money fixing every little thing. Instead, hire a reliable, professional web design company to generate revenue and minimize expenses.

6. Easy Accessibility

Unlike your brick-and-mortar store, a website will promote your brand 24×7. Due to various factors, it is almost impossible for small businesses or start-ups to provide customer service after regular office hours or midnight. However, having a website can easily solve the problem and help you provide services to your customers around the clock. They can review your product or service and interact with the various features. Additionally, they can book appointments or schedule purchases on a website anytime. This will improve your sales and also gain their trust.

7. Build Reputation

The new age demands new ways of customer interaction. Businesses, especially start-ups, need to generate trust among their customers. Since they are new to the game, it is 100 times more crucial for them to gain the user’s confidence the first time. Anyone looking for a particular service or product directly heads on to the brand’s website to check the details. In that case, the absence of a website can spike doubt and even raise questions in their mind about your brand’s genuinity. On the other hand, a well-crafted website helps you build a strong brand reputation at once.


Any start-up needs a dynamic, SEO-compliant, secure, feature-rich and good-looking website to drive maximum customers. If you plan to do it all by yourself, chances are you will mess with the other aspects of your business besides increasing the expenditure. Moreover, you need expertise and experience to battle through the market and win the trust of your audience. Therefore, for all these reasons and much more, appoint reliable website design services to create an impressive website for you.

Netqueue Technologies is a popular name in the industry where the experts have the required knowledge and hands-on experience in designing custom websites that drive immediate engagement and boost revenue. We know and understand the hindrances a start-up faces in its initial years and hence, curate smart strategies that will help them grow at the best cost. Call us on 8100225044 for a detailed discussion.

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11 Things to Know before Starting An eCommerce Site In 2022

October 14th, 2022

As the internet becomes more accessible around the globe, the eCommerce sector is rapidly evolving, with traditional retail businesses swiftly migrating to the online platform to target customers. According to the reports, there are almost 10-25 million eCommerce websites globally, and the count is ever-rising.

Businesses are developing new trends to keep customers hooked to the online shopping experience. While starting new business online sounds exciting, it takes a lot of consistency, effort, motivation, and the right technical know-how to thrive in the vast eCommerce world.

Launching a successful eCommerce website like a physical retail store requires rigorous planning before and after the launch. And one must be aware of the secrets to a successful journey.

Here at Netqueue, we want to see businesses succeed and have compiled a list of all the essential factors you must remember before starting an eCommerce business.

11 Most Important Factors to Consider When Opening an Ecommerce Store

1. Understand Your Product & Services

Many new eCommerce ventures start by imitating other successful business ideas and models. This isn’t right and leads to a steady downfall. There are two very specific reasons for this:

  • You do not have the same knowledge or market research about the target population & location
  • You do not know or understand your niche

To have a sustainable eCommerce journey, start with a product or service you think you can provide the best. This will give you an understanding of the market and the operational process. It is also important to ensure that your product is unique. All these factors will eventually help you firm your roots in the online world.

2. Proper Audience & Market Research

Now that you’ve figured out what to sell, it’s time to determine your target audience. Recognizing your potential customers involves thorough research, and you must browse the demographics of your target audience. To target precisely, find their hobbies, preferences, cultures, age group, etc.

Apart from this, competitor analysis is also important to understand the real facts of the market. Find out what and who your competitors are targeting, and set your strategies accordingly.

3. Shipping Management

eCommerce businesses partner with multiple shipping services to make their products reach regional and international customers on time. The kind of shipping invariably depends on the target audience. However, you must include shipping calculators in your application to allow customers easily calculate the product’s final price when it reaches their doorstep.

You can also seek the help of third-party shipping services, who’ll integrate the API they provided into your application. This will serve as a shipping calculator. On the other hand, if you have your shipping facility, ask your eCommerce web developers to integrate the shipping rates into your application. This will save you and your customer’s shipping costs in the long term.

4. Inventory & Stock Management

If the products you sell are digital, you do not have to worry about this. However, if not, it’s time you consider inventory storage, warehouse costs, and management to keep track of your stocks. The leading eCommerce platforms offer inbuilt tools to track your inventory and stocks. Alternatively, there are third-party services as well that offer you to integrate the tools into your application.

The motive is to reflect the available stocks on the product pages in real-time so that customers can find out whether or not the product is available before the checkout process.

5. Return Management

Managing return is an essential aspect of eCommerce shopping. As customers cannot physically touch the product before shopping for them, your eCommerce website must always offer the option to return, refund or replace the item. Additionally, you must emphasize a certain level of flexibility and precaution.

Arrange proper logistics for the pickup facility and have the refund details figured out. Remember that you must quickly refund the amount within a short span to maintain trust amongst the shoppers.

6. The Best Development Team

Now that you know most of the concepts and marketing process, you need to design and build a nice eCommerce platform for your customers to shop effortlessly. Of course, there are several eCommerce web development services online and worldwide; choose a company with the necessary experience and expertise to build your eCommerce application.

Netqueue Technologies is a trusted name in the niche industry, with over 10 years of experience building eCommerce applications. We have the knowledge and expertise it takes to create bespoke eCommerce sites that boost your brand growth.

7. Figure Out The Cost

The cost you tag to your services and products depends on a range of factors, like:

  • Expenditures
  • Investments
  • Application development
  • Worker expense
  • Maintenance cost
  • Minimum profit margin

You need to figure out a price that will help you promote further business growth. Take some time to conduct thorough market research before finalizing the cost. Also, avoid changing your prices frequently, as it creates a negative impression on the shoppers and questions the credibility of your business. Chalk out your costs to stand out in the competition.

8. App or Website

Study your customer’s browsing habits and decide if you want to create a website application or mobile application, or both. This will further impact the overall cost of your development process. Reports have it that mobile apps are most prevalent these days. But as mobile app development costs are higher, you can opt for a website also.

9. Security

This is a great deal as you will manage your customer’s personal and financial details. You cannot show negligence and must implement strict cyber security on your eCommerce website. Hackers usually target small and new eCommerce ventures. Therefore, ensure to invest in proper cyber security measures to avoid such malicious forces. It is advisable to constantly update your core files, passwords, databases, and backups to keep all data fully secure.

10. Selection of Technology

Selecting your eCommerce technology plays a big role, and it is best if you do it under the guidance of a website development company. If you want a mobile app:

  • Talk to your chosen company about whether or not it will be a native or hybrid.
  • Ask if you need BigCommerce, Shopify, WordPress or Magento for a website.

Also, don’t forget to enquire about the prices. This is because aside from the application development cost, you will have regular expenses in the form of subscription-model plugins, hosting costs, maintenance, and more.

11. A Solid Marketing Plan

Simply building your eCommerce store with amazing products won’t get you, customers. It is only when your application is visible to more and more customers that your brand will gain awareness. This is only possible with a solid social media marketing plan. A nice marketing plan will make your eCommerce venture visible to maximum customers across the various platforms and drive traffic to your application.


Let’s share an inside talk. Apart from considering the above factors, another thing that you will need to create a great first impression is your brand name. You need a great name by which customers can remember you.

Additionally, you need expert eCommerce website developers to execute your plan smoothly and successfully. Our team at Netqueue Technologies offers top-notch eCommerce website development services to help you stand out from competitors. As a reputed eCommerce web development company, we know how to build an online brand and will create bespoke strategies while addressing your needs to create a successful eCommerce web store.

Get in touch today by calling us on 8100225044 or email us at

AI Artificial Intelligence

Is AI Going To Change The Future Of SEO? – Expert’s Predict

September 20th, 2022

In recent years, there has been a lot of discussion about Artificial Intelligence and its impact on various industries. After smoothly making its way into eCommerce, healthcare, logistics, marketing, and BFSI, is AI changing the norms of Search Engine Optimization?

Today, AI is a leading technology that uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze data and generate suitable results. When Artificial Intelligence integrates with SEO, it enables marketers to collect real-time and precise data on the targeted ads, deal with the particular section of targeted markets, analyze the quality of current content, and much more.

So, it is most certain that AI technology will dictate SEO practices in the future. Now, the question is how? With Google algorithms changing periodically to offer the best user experience, SEO services are trying to catch up with the change.

Key ways in which AI will shape the future of SEO

Google processes over 40 000 searches/second. So, anyone who wants to succeed in the digital space must regularly optimize the content and website. Artificial Intelligence is no longer an option but a priority. It is a rapidly evolving technology connected to the search algorithm that aims to satisfy the user’s needs.

5 ways in which AI is affecting SEO

1. Quality & Relevant content will lead

If there’s anything that continues to dominate search engine optimization, it is Content. When Google crawls the web, it ranks content based on its relevance to the user’s query. Moreover, with Google rolling out content-focused algorithms now and then, you’d be required to create more relevant content based on the devices, platforms, and ongoing trends.

Today, users search with long sentences to find an exact answer. Google uses artificial algorithms like BERT & RankBrain to process the search results, which analyzes and provides the exact result to the user. If the AI systems do not find familiar words, they guess the phrases/words to filter the results accordingly.

Thus, as machines get better at determining which results match the query, marketers need to frame better content to give users what they really want to read.

2. Get Big Data for higher targeting

Data-driven marketing is currently leading the way because it drives results. Big sets of data help search engines identify the trend, and with the help of AI, the search engines can use the huge data sets to target users based on factors like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Hobbies & Interests
  • Geography
  • Profession
  • Education
  • Social Media Activity
  • Search & browsing history
  • Marital status
  • Day, Date & Time
  • Purchase History

The collective data can help search engines offer users better results and target them accurately.

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3. Visual content will become important

We already know how Google favours images and videos above any other format. But, this is soon going to play a big ranking factor. According to SEO experts, visual content will play an essential role in the future as Google is getting better at analyzing it. For example, when you type ‘how to knot a necktie?’, Google will show you a video tutorial. Hence, digital marketers may have to put greater effort into their videos and images and optimize them accordingly.

Just like content writers who have to optimize the headlines and keywords to earn the attention of Google, visual artists have to consider similar SEO ranking factors to create their visual content. For instance, factors like video length, Meta description, tags, keywords, and others will influence the SEO for videos.

4. Interpreting Search intent accurately

It is important to gain insight into the user’s past behavioural pattern to determine the reason behind any particular query. While Google has been focusing on it lately, it will gain more importance in the coming years as AI’s role increases.

You have to think beyond what the user is typing and understand the problem they are trying to resolve. When talking of intent, these are the 4 types of search queries:

Informational Query: This is when a user intends to find out detailed information about a certain thing. For instance, he/she may type ‘how to cook pasta?’ and the search engine will provide the information related to the query.

Navigational Query: It is when a user searches to find a specific website/ web page. For example, when they type ‘YouTube’, they might want to access the YouTube site instead of entering the URL.

Commercial Query: This includes seeking information regarding recent purchases/sales/services. It may also include finding information to buy at a later time.

Transactional Query: When a user searches to create an account, pay a bill or sign up for a newsletter, it is a transactional query.

5. Rise of Voice search

The rise of voice search in the past couple of years has been quite impressive because it understands complex queries better based on how the user utters the words. People now speak directly to devices (Siri & Google Assistant) and use voice search using Artificial Intelligence on their mobile phones to receive information on the internet.

You can expect voice search to become a ranking factor soon! However, this may come with additional challenges, like a user who traditionally used to write ‘best digital marketing in India’ may now use ‘which is the best digital marketing company in India for web designing services?’ during a voice search. There can be innumerable combinations.

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Simply put, Artificial Intelligence is rapidly transforming the digital landscape. You either walk with it and get ahead or fall behind; there’s no in-between. It has already touched various industries and will soon dominate Search Engine Optimization.

Success in the organic search results, exercised by AI SEO, will ultimately come down to providing the best user experience. So, taking advantage of AI-powered SEO algorithms is essential to rank your website higher in the SERPs and other platforms.

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Why Laravel Is The Top Choice For Web Developers?

September 5th, 2022

Selecting the correct PHP framework is increasingly important to keep up with today’s competitive and ever-evolving business world. If not, it will entail negative results and prove hazardous for the business. You can try using Laravel alone or consult experienced web development services to do it for you.

As the years’ turn, web developers count on Laravel to design websites or web apps to provide an immersive experience to the users. But why is it so? Before we move forward to the ‘why’ Laravel, let’s shed light on ‘what’ Laravel is for a detailed understanding.

What is Laravel Framework?

Laravel is an open-source web app development framework with elegant syntax to develop customized web and software applications. The framework makes it easier for web artisans to develop faster by eradicating the pain points without compromising functionality.

Taylor Otwell created this expressive framework to help web developers handle complex PHP code easily. It works on the MVC model (Model-View-Controller) and has in-built syntax and libraries that let them create web applications swiftly. The Laravel framework is more pragmatic than its predecessors, and now, you must wonder ‘why’!

Why is Laravel so much popular amongst web developers?

Laravel has become the PHP framework of choice for web developers, and the credit goes to the 10 robust features that make it happen.

Top 10 Laravel features that make it a hit!

1. It is Open-Source

Laravel is an open-source framework that helps developers easily design complex and large websites. It only requires a PHP & text editor, and you get periodic updates, customized modules and improved capabilities per your business’s needs.

Additionally, there are many routing middleware and ready-to-use packages making codification simpler.

2. Security

One of the most prominent reasons why Laravel thrived is the advanced security features lacking in its predecessors. Laravel allows coders to configure rich security features to websites for enhanced security and prevent cyber-criminal activities.

For instance, it uses a Bcrypt hashing algorithm and never saves passwords. Moreover, it has a great user authentication process and easy to create restricted access features to keep the data safe and secure.

3. Fast & simple

Crediting to its wide range of built-in templates, Laravel is an easy-to-use framework, and developers can effortlessly create a website with 5/6 pages in a day or two. This saves time, reduces costs, and generates quicker results for the business.

4. MVC Architecture

One of the most significant benefits of Laravel is the MVC architecture that allows developers to code the applications in a structured manner. It ensures transparency between the logic and presentation and improves the overall performance.

The architecture divides any application into 3 segments: Model, View & Controller, which ensures website scalability.

5. Streamlined Testing Support

One of the key aspects of web development is to have great testing support. Laravel offers excellent testing support to ensure the code is bug-free. Moreover, it offers automated testing support, saving time in testing an app. This amazing Laravel feature lets you check each component of your app while ensuring 100% seamless functionality that finally results in high-performing web apps with optimized codes.

6. Automated task execution & scheduling

Web applications require a task handling and scheduling mechanism to automate the various tasks as & when required. For example, sending notifications to the app users, emails to the subscribers, or simply clean-up the database.

Previously, developers used to generate a Cron entry to schedule the tasks. But with Laravel, they can simplify this process by using its automated command scheduler. This attribute allows the coders to quickly define the command within the Laravel framework with a single Cron entry to execute the task timely, making the process highly efficient and high-performing.

7. Efficient traffic handling

As your business grows, the traffic volume to your website will increase. Thanks to its unique message queue system, the Laravel framework can easily and quickly handle numerous website requests than the other frameworks. It allows you to turn off certain website tasks, like sending emails, etc., for a certain period. When you control such time-consuming tasks, your website will serve faster and quickly serve the vast inflow of traffic while lowering your future hosting cost.

8. Third-party integration

If not all, almost every site needs an integrated third-party application like Paypal, Stripe, or any other. Whatever the integration, Laravel ensures to make it easy with its clean API for third-party integration. So, if your site needs a payment application or any other automated tool to handle the marketing, Laravel will assist in both!

9. Great for various applications

The Laravel framework can host various applications perfectly. For instance, eCommerce applications can run great on the Laravel framework as it offers faster customization, stability & flexibility. Laravel is also an ideal architecture for a component-based distributed system. It caters very well to the big web development plans of the industry biggies and ensures a robust framework that sustains their complex business agendas.

10. Economic

Laravel is an open-source architecture allowing anyone to use it in any project. Developers can use it for free while insulating themselves from the complex programming & coding tasks. It is easier to use, cost-effective and hosts a hassle-free coding environment for the developers.


Web artisans often face a dilemma when choosing the right framework for the website. The framework they choose must be easy, fast & simple. Laravel is an ideal option for various applications, which makes developing a complex website a breeze.

For further assistance, get in touch with the expert Laravel developers at Netqueue Technologies, where we specialize in creating bespoke Laravel solutions to offer a seamless user experience. Call us on 8100225044 for a detailed discussion.

8 powerful seo tips

8 Powerful SEO Tips for Beginners to Excel In 2022

July 27th, 2022

Just built an amazing website? Great! This was the first step. Now, what about your SEO strategy?

Creating and implementing a successful SEO strategy may seem overwhelming. But not to worry, businesses of all sizes can see growth in the right direction with the right strategy and resources. However, it all starts with the right SEO guide.

Unfortunately, the web can sometimes get too messy when you search for an on-point answer. There are hundreds and thousands of articles telling you 100 things to do but not one jotting down ‘THE MOST’ important things for a beginner.

So, this article aims to highlight the key SEO strategies that can be incredibly powerful for a new company to achieve excellent results.

8 most effective SEO tips for beginners that actually work

1. Using Keywords Correctly

You probably already know the importance of keywords in SEO. But did you know that you should add the keywords on the right pages to make them rank? Here are some of the places where you can add keywords:

  • Title tag
  • Webpage URL
  • 1st paragraph of the content
  • Headline
  • Meta Descriptions

Pick the relevant keywords and place them in the right places to make your site stand out.

2. Quality Content

Quality content matters in SEO. Google prefers and prioritizes sites with fresh and high-quality content. This doesn’t mean you can just copy and paste from another site.

You must not just create new content in the form of blogs and articles but also update your website consistently. Try and establish high-quality backlinks from other sites, which further helps Google to believe that your site is genuine and authoritative.

3. Optimize Headlines & Titles

While many may argue that the title and headline are similar, only an SEO person can recognize the difference. The former includes specific keywords and is used to appease the search engine. While the latter attracts people who click through the website or page.

However, ensure that both the headline and the title describe what’s on the content page. Never write anything in your title or headline that has no reference to the webpage. This way, you can lose trust and SEO rank.

4. Optimize Images

Images are essential, and you should take them seriously too. Clean and bright images highlighting your business’s services and products can positively impact the viewers. Hence, you must optimize the images for Google to rank them.

Maintain a proper image size, resolution and format for the page and images to load quickly.

5. Page/Site Load Time

Imagine you’re a customer who has visited a website for their product or service. The site takes forever to open. Will you bother to revisit them? The answer is no. Similarly, mobile audiences wait 3 seconds or less if the page doesn’t load. Therefore, maintaining a quick page load time is crucial to retaining customers.

Seek help from the experts to analyze your site’s page loading and speed time. The professionals at Netqueue Technologies have advanced tools to improve your website’s page load time. As one of the best SEO services, they offer detailed information and remove any plug-ins for faster load times.

6. Focus on Link Building

Link building is an important page ranking factor in SEO. While it may seem like an easy bet, but is quite a confusing tactic. Link building helps to improve your site’s Domain Authority which Google greatly values.

Link building is a process in which you link high-quality sites to your website/page, or they link back to you. This signals to Google that you have an authoritative presence on the web.

If you find it challenging, ask the SEO experts at Netqueue Technologies to learn and understand your competitor’s backlink strategies to find better ways for your brand.

7. Social Media Strategy

The world is obsessed with social media. So, ignoring the various social media platforms is one of the biggest mistakes you could probably make. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora, and others directly influence your website’s ranking and brand exposure.

One of the sure-shot ways to expand your reach is by creating appealing social media content. For example:

  • Infographics
  • Blog
  • Videos
  • Podcasts

Recognizing the right platform for your business is important to get the right traction. Finding where your target audience is heading for a better and more effective reach is essential.

8. SEO Analysis

Measuring success is equally important in your journey to SEO success. A common saying in SEO is that what you measure is what you have achieved. Therefore, no matter how small or big your achievement is, you must keep track of the metrics.

A few aspects that require your monitoring include:

  • Organic traffic
  • Keywords ranking
  • Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Bounce rate

As this part of the SEO calls for professional intervention for better analysis, contact the officials at Netqueue Technologies to look at the metrics.

Having over 10 years of experience in the industry, the professionals have a deep understanding of SEO. They are familiar with the in-and-out of the process to assure guaranteed results.

They will plan, execute and analyze the best SEO strategy to generate more website traffic while increasing your rank in the SERP.


Google changes the SEO ranking factors and algorithm at least 500 times a year. While most of them are minor, some changes are enough to affect your search results in remarkable ways. While it is most unlikely that you can see a dramatic result overnight, the SEO rules mentioned above will eventually and positively impact your website.

Contact the expert SEO team at Netqueue Technologies Pvt Ltd for a detailed understanding as the professionals sketch out the best SEO strategy for your business to rank higher on Google.

7 powerful reasons why every start up needs seo

7 Powerful Reasons Why Every Start-Up Needs SEO

March 16th, 2022

Are you all set to execute your start-up game plan? Well, then there are a couple of things we want you to know before you step into the big competing business world. Most businesses these days happen online, which only makes it obvious for you to launch your brainchild online.

There are over 2 million existing websites where brands, companies, and businesses are trying to secure their spot online. As a start-up, you will face a lot of competition before you finally establish yourself digitally. So, how do you do that?

New age requires inculcating new habits, and when speaking of the online terrain, SEO will thrive your business effortlessly.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that helps your website rank higher in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). So, the higher your website ranks on the search page; the more people can see and interact with your website, leading to more sales. Simple!

Still not convinced?

Top 7 Reasons To Include SEO In Your Start-Up Plan Are:

1. Delivers Customer Behavior Data

As a start-up entrepreneur, you indeed do not have much data about your target customers, do you? This is where SEO comes in to help you accumulate that data over time. Even after the launch of your business, SEO helps gather related information.

However, specific tools can help find out the right keywords your target audience base is using. Allow the experts at Netqueue Technologies Pvt Ltd to prepare a list of targeted keywords for you. This way, you can input the correct keywords which Google will eventually track and rank as per relevancy on the SERP.

2. Higher Traffic & Conversions

Irrespective of the size or goal, a business wants revenue, and SEO helps you get that with higher conversions. Instead of spending on paid advertising, building a sustainable SEO strategy is most advisable. Also, organic traffic converts over 400% better than any other traffic type.

The Netqueue officials stay updated with Google’s latest SEO announcements and employ the best practices to generate higher traffic.

3. It’s Free!

A major concern for almost every start-up is the price. This is good news because SEO and the numerous tools like Google Search Console & Google Analytics are free! Google Analytics will let you see how your users interact with the platform or website, and Google Search Console will show how the visitors landed on the page. It also denotes the 404s or broken links that further impact SEO health.

As a start-up, it is obvious to be preoccupied with work. Allow professional digital marketers at Netqueue to do it for you to yield quick SEO results.

4. Gather Target Audience Details

Besides tracking customer behaviour data, SEO also helps find other crucial details that can impact your overall business strategy. This includes Demographic details, Customer Interest, and others. For example, a user is a 25-year old female residing in this part of the country who likes a certain sport’.

This SEO data can help you frame a more informed and precise targeting strategy to yield a better response.

5. Builds Trust

It takes time for people to build trust for a particular brand or a company. SEO helps you generate trust by showcasing your website more frequently on the search results that further builds the customer’s trust. The more your website name pops up in the search results, and your customers see and interact with it, Google automatically considers it credible.

But of course, this also requires specific strategies and tactics, which only the experts could do. Therefore, hire a reputed agency to mark a lasting impression on your niche audience.

6. Long-Term Audience

Many might argue that paid advertisements can generate quick results. Well, of course, it does but for how long? The moment your advertisements go down, so does your audience interaction. Therefore, it is best to opt for something that is long-term- just like SEO!

SEO provides customers with the type of content they want and allows them to interact with it over time. The better and more accurate the content is, the stronger and long-term relationship you build with your customers.

However, don’t forget that SEO requires regular checkups too! Google is constantly rolling out new updates. And that’s why you need a professional head to tackle all of it seamlessly.

7. Digital Prominence

Building a strong digital presence is essential for any company to succeed in the business world. And the best way to do that is through organic traction through SEO strategies. When you allow experts to optimize your website for Google or another search engine, they ensure to offer better user experience in the following ways:

  • Optimal keyword usage
  • Quality website content
  • Image optimization

All these factors convert your potential leads into genuine customers. This means you can earn everything at the cost of nothing!


The process to achieve good results in SEO presents a lot of turmoil and difficulty. Therefore, planning to do SEO by in-house members isn’t recommended, especially when you’re a start-up. It requires a lot of expertise, knowledge, and experience to present solid SEO strategies that can help your website rank at the top amidst the competition.

Avoid all the hassle by hiring a reputed digital marketing company that can carefully assess your business and present the best ideas to rank your website above others. The Netqueue Technologies Pvt Ltd professionals are well-versed and fully equipped to deliver the best SEO practices that can help you define your business effectively and efficiently in the online market.

Rely on them to take your start-up to the next level of success! Get in touch by calling them today on 033 4604 2121 for a detailed discussion.